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CREATE South Essex

Be part of CREATE South Essex

A regional collective from CREATE Britain.

South Essex is increasingly recognized as a significant hub for creativity and culture, driven by various initiatives and collaborations. Significant investments are being made to develop creative spaces and facilities in South Essex. These include new studios, galleries, and performance venues designed to support artists and attract creative businesses to the region. The focus is on building a sustainable creative economy that contributes to the broader economic and social development of the area.

The Creative Estuary project aims to transform the Thames Estuary, which includes parts of South Essex, into a leading cultural hub. This initiative involves a consortium of public sector and cultural organizations working together to support creative industries, enhance infrastructure, and create new job opportunities. The project focuses on boosting the region's profile as an international production hub and fostering local talent development​.

South Essex hosts a variety of cultural festivals and events that draw both local and international attention. Notable among these is the Estuary Festival, which showcases art, performances, and installations along the Thames Estuary, reflecting the region's cultural vibrancy and community engagement. Efforts are made to involve the local community and educational institutions in the arts. Programs focus on nurturing young talent and providing opportunities for residents to participate in cultural activities, thereby enhancing civic pride and social cohesion.

For more details please see our CREATE Britain profile, or create your own profile and become part of the CREATE South Essex community.