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Andreas Irakleous

BA (Hons) Animation and Games Art

Channels and Networks

Andreas Irakleous

I have a passion for 3D design and I aim to be a very unique 3D designer with my style and workflow, as I often tend to be involving myself with more and more new techniques. Virtual Reality being the new technology to gaming, I am looking forward to get involved with it, and get unique and amazing products out of it. Currently, I am mostly interested in 3D Environment art and 3D prop design, which I enjoy the most when designing in 3D.

The Animation and Games Art course, has allowed me to experiment and learn new and traditional animation techniques, as well as, 2D and 3D animation using software like Photoshop, After Effects, Autodesk Maya, Illustrator, InDesign, Toonboom and Unity.

I like working in a team where there is planning and guidance, but I can work alone as well and meet my deadlines on time. I am easily adaptable, a very fast-learner with problem solving thinking.

Creative Disciplines

  • Animation / VFX
  • Game Design & Development