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David Byrne

BA (Hons) Illustration and Design


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David Byrne
From the sweltering tropical jungles of an alien world, to the twisted labyrinth of a starship's guts, my work is all about detail, scale and atmosphere. Raised on a diet of old-school 2000AD and 1980s manga, I create comics that bring the best of these works into the modern day, incorporating action, science fiction and horror with a touch of black humour. Working mainly in traditional pen and ink, I create menacing and nightmarish worlds that the viewer cannot help but be drawn into, populated by bizarre characters, warped giant monsters and the sense that something terrible is just around the corner. My final major project is called Stardozer, a comic inspired by my investigation of the abandoned and industrial landscapes of my local area, and intended as a pitch for a continuing series of graphic novels.

Creative Disciplines

  • Illustration & Drawing


Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom