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Dorcie Smith

BA (Hons) Illustration and Design


Channels and Networks

Dorcie Smith
I primarily work traditionally when it comes to my designs.Over the past few years on this illustration course I have learnt how to use a variety of mixed materials in order to convey a story that is understandable for younger audiences. I’ve primarily done children’s books aimed for three to five year olds but I have also dabbled In creating my own story aimed at primary school level children. I don’t have a specific style as my style is normally changed depending on the target audience, materials and topics the book/illustration is based on.A good example is my recent chapter book the style was not as basic due to the older audiences, also I chose to do my work with ink and water colour as the book had a Japanese theme within the story. This way I was able to make ink brush strokes similar to the strokes done in Japanese ink art. The merge of all these elements results in the illustration looking different to past books I had created.

Creative Disciplines

  • Illustration & Drawing
  • Printmaking