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Emily Stewart

BA (Hons) Illustration and Design


Channels and Networks

Emily  Stewart

Hi! I'm Emily and I am an Illustration and Design Final Year Student from the University of Sunderland. I am very passionate about Printmaking and love all aspects of the process. I have gained experience and knowledge about printmaking through loving the processes and experimenting with them. Surface Pattern Design is also something I am passionate about and have focused on throughout university. I have created repeat designs using printmaking techniques and also digitally. Nature is a huge inspiration to my creativity, I hope to capture the essence of nature throughout my designs and illustrations using colour and naturalistic processes, such as life drawing and printmaking. I have used all of my interests within my FMP to create product ranges based on different flowers throughout the seasons, using both printmaking and Photoshop to create the final products. The aim of my project is to bring the outside in!

Creative Disciplines

  • Printmaking
  • Industrial & Product Design
  • Illustration & Drawing
  • Textiles


Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom