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Karl Jeffery

BA (Hons) Fine Art


Channels and Networks



I’m an artist based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, working across many disciplines including video, augmented reality, sound, digital, collage, painting, and sculpture.

I combine art with my spiritual practice, the essence of which revolves around Meditation, Taoism, and Zen. I render the subject (and life) to its simplest form, often utilising the harmonies of colours and the geometry of simple shapes.

The heart of my practice is on creating elevated states of consciousness within the viewer, so that my work has energising and uplifting effects on their wellbeing and mental health. I also bring ancient wisdom and spiritual concepts into the present era, finding they are just as relevant today.

My creative practice employs the use of digital processes and traditional methods. Working digitally allows me to create art which can be projected to a much larger scale, and transform my ideas into film and sound art. I enjoy experimenting with other evolving technologies, and have created a series of augmented reality artworks for my Circles exhibition which come to life when viewed with the Artivive app.

You can see more of my work on my official website

As a former radio broadcaster and producer, I have a wealth of experience presenting live shows, and audio creation. I have scripted, filmed and edited a video series teaching people how to meditate (I’m a part time meditation teacher). And working as a professional ventriloquist and magical entertainer, I have performed all over the UK in a variety of settings, including my own solo show at theatres.

Creative Disciplines

  • Sound
  • Digital Media & Technology
  • Illustration & Drawing
  • Exhibitions & Events
  • Entertainment
  • Acting & Presenting
  • Immersive Technology
  • Painting
  • Sculpture
  • Music


Newcastle Upon Tyne
United Kingdom