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Muthiur Miah

BA (Hons) Illustration and Design Promotion


Channels and Networks

Muthiur Miah

I am a Illustration and Design final year student at University of Sunderland, with a in-depth knowledge and great passion for Illustration and design communication. I am a creative illustrator with the motivation to find my own unique style and find who I am as a creative student. I value my own work to be something more than just a piece of artwork, I want my work to be personal to me and to spread a message to my audience with a deep and peaceful meaning. I always want to take risks and find new and creative ways to make the next artwork different to the last. With time, I have taken my work to a more high pressured level and came out of my comfort zone. I express all my emotions into each individual piece and make myself vulnerable which can be a daunting thing to do sometimes. I pay close attention to detail and the composition of my work making sure I have the balance right. I am very motivated with a drive to push my artwork further and to constantly work and learn new things, always improve and find myself more and more as a illustrator.  

Creative Disciplines

  • Illustration & Drawing
  • Graphic Design
  • Writing
  • Photography


Newcastle Upon Tyne
United Kingdom