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(BA Hons) Fine Art


Channels and Networks

The current theme and concept of my work is based on exploring forms of popular culture such as fashion, feminine aesthetic and personal styles within my artwork. As a result of my last project, where I explored the importance of social media in modern day culture, I became interested in the things social media promoted, such as fashion etc. My current work also displays the idealistic distortion of figures through popular media and the role of aesthetic in modern identity, through paintings of figures and materialistic items. I create acrylic and watercolour paintings on canvases and watercolour paper or wood, but I have recently been experimenting with digital illustration. I find that my ideas develop every day although I tend to be a slow worker as I spend a lot of time developing ideas and perfecting details, however developing work using digital media tends to makes the process faster for me.

Creative Disciplines

  • Digital Media & Technology
  • Painting
  • Printmaking
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration & Drawing
  • Photography


United Kingdom