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Sophie Somers

BA (Hons) Photography Video and Digital Imaging


Channels and Networks

Sophie Somers

Sophie Somers is a lens-based artist and aspiring curator, currently working in the North East of England. Studying Photography, Video and Digital Imaging at Sunderland University. Her work explores the constraints of man’s relationship with nature, inhabited spaces, and the traces we leave behind. Visuals are often used to unpick personal fears of the inside outside, observer observed, artificial femininity, home, and loss of familiarity. She has specific interest in developing projects that focus on accessibility within arts. She makes herself aware of the environmental impact when making art and strongly believes that art has the ability to shape the way we treat our planet. Projects vary in subject matter but are all interlinked within her interest of social issues.

Creative Disciplines

  • Photography
  • Branding & Identity
  • Exhibitions & Events
  • Digital Media & Technology
  • Lighting
  • Advertising
  • Sound


Tyne and Wear
United Kingdom