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Susana Santos

BA (Hons) Animation and Games Art


Channels and Networks

My work is more about fantasy, animals and people. These things are my focus as you can see through the work that I am showing.My main passions are 3d and traditional art because I always loved playing games and drawing. My drawings can be sketchy but also realistic and more to a colourful palette and in 3D I like to focus more on the painting and sculpting side.Sometimes it is difficult to choose what I really want to focus on because I like to do a little bit of everything and I always try to learn new things even if, at the beginning, they are challenging and difficult.I would like to work in the game industry one day as a 3D artist or in 3D animation.

Creative Disciplines

  • Animation / VFX
  • Illustration & Drawing
  • Sculpture


United Kingdom