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Ian Curtis

Ian Curtis was the iconic lead singer, lyricist and songwriter in post-punk band Joy Division.

Formed in 1977, they released two classic albums Unknown Pleasures and Closer, which have gone on to achieve cult status.

Ian's lyrics are dark but beautiful, despair and love focused through the lens of a brilliant wordsmith, captured forever and treasured by millions.

Reality is only a term, based on values and well worn principles, whereas the dream goes on forever.

Curtis started to suffer from epileptic seizures in late 1978 and was prescribed strong dosages of a variety of anticonvulsants to control the condition - which none of them did for any significant amount of time. By 1979 and 1980 his seizures had become more and more frequent and intense.

Ian's bandmate, Bernard Sumner later observed of Curtis...

Strange as it may sound, it wasn't until after his death that we really listened to Ian's lyrics and clearly heard the inner turmoil in them.

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