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Our courses in the Department of Journalism, Publishing and Media aim to produce thoughtful, adept and innovative professionals. This extraordinary year has tested this mission to its limits and found our students to be more skilled, reflective and creative than we could ever have imagined. That is why we couldn’t be prouder. From their ingenuity in making informative and leading-edge video reports and feature stories to producing award-winning magazines and media outputs, their achievement has astounded us. Founded in 2017 with the vision of bringing together inspiring staff who are top practitioners in their fields, our Department’s students have learned from the best. Now we are delighted to showcase and share the fruits of this imagination, toil and talent. It’s been quite a journey.

The core philosophy at the heart of the Department of Performing Arts undergraduate degrees is to develop musical and academic skills through the exploration of creative practice. These skills are acquired through composing, performing, recording, discussing, listening to and writing about a broad range of music, as well as the technologies that drive the creation of this. This allows our students to build and develop a diverse set of transferrable skills. It would be fair to say that this year has presented a unique set of challenges. It has been heart-warming to see how our students have adapted to this and have still been able to produce work of the highest quality. Congratulations Class of 2020 - we're immensely proud of you all!

The Department of Humanities provides an interesting and lively environment to learn in. Although the range of courses is diverse, they all are designed in collaboration with industry professionals so both content and delivery meet your career development needs, giving you that competitive edge.  We have four subject areas: Creative Writing, English Literature, English Language and Linguistics, and Philosophy. In Creative Writing you can perfect the art of writing imaginatively, on a variety of topics, through expert tuition from our award-winning published authors, playwrights and experimental poets. In the study of English Literature, we encourage students to take an active part within a supportive and academically stimulating environment. In English Language and Linguistics you can explore language from a diverse range of perspectives: understand how it works, examine how language is constructed and see why people adapt their language in diverse situations. Finally, our Philosophy department is the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy. It is the leading centre for postgraduate level study and doctoral research in continental philosophy in the UK. We are proud to showcase the work of our wonderful students from the Department of Humanities.